What To Do When Your Friend Shows No Interest In Your Children

It is possible that you have a best friend or a best friend and that you have always had a good relationship, but it seems that since you are a mother and she (or he) is not, the relationship has become colder, to the point that it does not show any interest in your children.

If your friend does not show interest in your children, resist the urge to complain, but it is important that you explain how you feel so that your relationship does not damage more than necessary. If you really care about that friendship, you can follow some tips to know what to do when your friend is showing little or no interest in your life.

Speak honestly

Instead of pretending that that friendship changes or behaves differently through your complaints, the best thing you can do is communicate openly with your friend about the things that have changed (considering that you are a mother and that you have less time than before) since you became a mother. Tell your friend that even though you have a baby and that it is your highest priority, you still value their friendship and spending time with them, that is why you want to facilitate a transition so that your friendship does not end up resentful.

Let him know that you want to have an open and honest dialogue, a direct conversation so that your relationship is more equitable and also, you can go deeper into it.

Schedule visits

Although it is true that the time when you are a new mother is conspicuous by its absence, there is the possibility of having small moments of time with your friends even if you have the baby with you. You can talk on the phone or meet in person. If your children are of preschool age, you can ask your friends if they would like to have a coffee while the children are at school because even if they cannot, they will appreciate your effort to give them your attention.

Let me hold your baby

If you stay with your friend while being with the baby, let him or her be part of your joy and for this, let him / her hold your baby when the little one is in a good mood. This way you will be giving him the opportunity to keep his eyes on your baby without interruption and also your little one will be able to enjoy some extra pampering.

Strengthen the bond with your friendship

As much as your friend appreciates being by your side when you have the baby, it is possible that at some point he feels out of place by not having a child yet or knowing what is that of motherhood and fatherhood. For this reason, do not cut yourself so that he feels integrated and if necessary ask him to give the bottle to your baby while you put the washing machine or to hold him while you go to the sink. In this way, you can feel that you are an important part of a new life and that you can enjoy both being by your side and being useful.

After all that has been said and done, there are also chances that your friend will become a parent one day. You should do all this that you asked your friend when the time comes, even if the other person was not able to do it for you. Remember that your friendship is the base and if you really want it can become something stronger, although of course … If you do not see feedback from him, then perhaps the time has come to put emotional distance.